Wireless Office Phones and Internet

What is a Cordless Office?

Cordless Office Diagram

A Cordless Office is business freedom.

With a Cordless Office powered by Mobex you can skip the costly installations and tangled mess of wires. The phones and computers for your entire office can be connected to a wireless router that provides you with both phone and internet services. A cordless office makes it extremely easy to grow and move your businesses communications. Adding new lines takes seconds instead of days.

Not only is it easy to setup, but it’s loaded with customizable features. Your Mobex powered phone lines are stacked with extra features at no additional cost.

Features include:

  • Auto Attendant
    Add a virtual receptionist to your team who can route calls to the right people, answer basic questions, and give your company a big business appearance.
  • Find Me/Follow Me
    Not at your desk? Out in the field? Not a problem! Never miss a call, no matter where you are.
  • Ring Groups
    “Sales”, option #1, “Customer Service”, option #2, etc.. Ring the whole team at once, or in the order you determine.
  • Time of Day Routing
    How to handle after hours calls? Your Auto Attendant, is your on call answering service. You choose where, and when you want your calls routed.
  • Web Console and so much more, see all the features here.

But wait… there’s more!

Is Your Business Ready?

A Wireless Backup Plan will protect your business communications when you need it the most.

Mobex doesn’t just offer you business freedom and customizable features,
Mobex is committed to making business communications even easier to handle and manage.

With Mobex, there are:

  1. No Contracts
  2. No Setup or Activation Fees
  3. Premium Customer Care & Support

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to untangle that mess and start your Cordless Office today.

Call 1-855-876-6239 or e-mail contact@mobex.biz

You can also submit a request for a representative call here.