Verizon Speed

There’s fast. And then there’s Verizon FiOS fast.

According to PC Magazine “FiOS® continues to set the pace for Internet speed in the U.S.!”2 In some areas of the country, FiOS download speeds can reach up to 500 Mbps. Traditional cable companies who deliver the Internet through coaxial cable to your home can’t even come close to Verizon FiOS Internet.

Compare those speeds to cable. With the FiOS QuantumSM 50/50 Mbps tier, download a 2 hour HD video (5 GB in size) in less than 14 minutes. That same download with Comcast’s 20/4 Mbps speed tier would take more than 30 minutes.3

  • For telecommuters or those who work solely from home, the 500 Mbps – the fastest FiOS speed available – will let you take all your web-enabled devices to maximum capacity, without slowing down or keep you waiting for load times
  • Businesses who have multiple web-enabled devices, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and gaming consoles, the FiOS Quantum speed plan of 150 Mbps will let everyone get online at the same time

FiOS Quantum speeds

FiOS Quantum is the top tier of Verizon FiOS Speeds – ranging from 50/50 Mbps to 500/500 Mbps.

So many electronic devices are now able to log online. Aside from your typical tablet, business computer or smartphone, other devices, such as wireless printers, security systems and TVs, rely on your Internet connection as well.

With so many web-enabled devices using the same connection, FiOS Quantum speeds ensure that all your devices are supported and running at maximum capacity.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time your business communications moved faster than you, start your Cordless Office today.

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